Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been working on lately:

1. When you log in the app you will notice that the vehicles are no longer preselected. When you generate a report or access Location, you need to select the vehicles that you want to see. The selection will be active throughout the rest of the session.  

2. Now you care create a hotspot directly from Location, by clicking on the vehicle Add hotspot in the dialog box.

3. You now have the option to auto select all vehicles in your fleet. Once checked, you will be able to view them on the map. You can filter the vehicles selected for viewing on the map according to their status: Stopped, Stationed or Moving.

4. On the map, you can now view vehicles in two ways. Either as icons or arrows.

5. When generating the reports, the period you selected for the last generated report will remain preselected for the rest of the reports you will generate.

6. The button for cluster view of vehicles is now at hand, on the side of the map.

7. Now, in Management – Division, you can see the name of the vehicle or asset. This is also available in windows-on mode.