Client references


Cristian Ani, Head of IT Department, FARMEC

“The main arguments towards choosing TrackGPS fleet monitoring solution through GPS were: the increased need of optimizing logistics, a better management of our units throughout the country, desire to reduce fuel and operational costs with our fleet, possibility to have exact reports concerning working hours, dwell-time, optimal transport routes, travelling speed and other activity-related reports. TrackGPS Business is a complete solution that generates multiple reports and has a friendly platform. After having installed GPS monitoring devices, we have noticed that our drivers pay more attention to the car when driving, they changed their driving style and are more involved in the professional activity.”


Carmen Trif, Executive Director, ELIT

“The decision made by our Elite management crew to implement the solution provided by AROBS, after applying the Development Policy (both vertically and horizontally) for our Elit marketing and distribution network, proved to be a wise one.
The results speak for themselves: only few months after installing the solution from AROBS the number of our clients increased, due to an efficient working time; fuel consumption reduced by the reorganization of distribution routes, but most important is that we have expanded our product range for each of our clients. All of these thanks to the efficiency obtained by applying this solution and the analysis based on real-time “on the ground” data.”


Cristian Deme, Sales Manager, DEME MACARALE

“Among the immediate benefits of installing GPS/GPRS monitoring equipments there is the reduction of fuel cost by up to 25% and the increased incomes gained from renting cranes, after invoicing the exact working hours.
Another benefit is the possibility of fulfilling the orders promptly, the whole process being carried out much more rapidly (maximum 24 hours) anywhere in Romania.”


Adrian Merlusca, IT Manager, LEFRUMARIN

“Due to an effective collaboration with AROBS and the quality of their services, we purchased TrackGPS Business solution – a software fleet monitoring solution through GPS/GPRS, solution that will be installed on 70 vehicles belonging to LeFruMarin fleet.
We recommend AROBS Transilvania Software for all the companies that want to make their activity more efficient, to reduce distribution costs and to upgrade their image on the market.”


Bogdan Ivancea, Asset Manager, Raiffeisen Leasing IFN SA

“We collaborate with AROBS for a long time now and we are satisfied with their services regarding fleet monitoring through GPS. TrackGPS met our expectations, proving its utility from the very moment it was installed. Company representatives always responded to our requests promptly, solving all situations professionally and efficiently.
We confidently recommend TrackGPS solution for all the companies that need an efficient fleet monitoring system.”

Pizza Hut

Orlando Ion, Head of Transport Department, AMERICAN RESTAURANT SYSTEM

“We consider that installing TrackGPS Business solution on our cars was a successful investment, due to the numerous benefits it brought for us. From August 2007 until present we noticed an increase of our services by managing to deliver the orders in a shorter time, better involvement of our staff in the professional activity and also reduction of fuel consumption due to route optimization and close monitoring of driver conduct through speeding and dwell-time reports.”

Nei Guard

Eduard NEICU, Executive Director, NEI GUARD

“Thanks to AROBS Transilvania Software we have managed to develop our Quick Intervention & Car Management services. Some of the benefits of using TrackGPS noticed by our Nei Guard team are: real-time localization of the vehicles, proximity module – very important for our dispatcher/Nei Guard intervention crews, road maps, fuel consumption reports, hot-spot reports – used for parking locations.”