Additional solutions

GPS monitoring of electrical generators with fuel tanks

Remote following of the mobile industrial generators or of the electric generator sets with tanks, especially when these are given for rental to third parties, represent a real challenge. A great part of the emergency and supplementary generators are set up on mobile platforms, their displacement without the agreement of the holder company being quite a common practice.

When it comes also to the issuing of an invoice for the functioning hours, the monitoring can be costly as well as uncomfortable.
The best solution in this case is represented by the monitoring of the generators through GPS, equipment that allows also real time location identification, as well as generating of reports concerning the actual functioning hours.

Advantages of using:

  • Real time localization of all generators and their map positioning
  • Notification in case of leaving a preset perimeter – alerts in case of theft or unauthorized displacement
  • Transparent invoicing of the hours in which the generators have functioned
  • Accurate registration of the number of run kilometers when the generator is being towed

LED status for TrackGPS (e-Toll) equipment

This equipment allows the easy checking and in real time of the status of the TrackGPS equipment in order to avoid penalties for unauthorized use of roads with tax from Hungary.
The status LED is a color code display that shows information concerning the functionality of the GPS equipment set up on the vehicles registered in the HU-GO platform.

This equipment allows the easy checking and in real time of the status of the TrackGPS equipment in order to avoid penalties for unauthorized use of roads with tax from Hungary.
The status LED is a color code display that shows information concerning the functionality of the GPS equipment set up on the vehicles registered in the HU-GO platform.

Cargo Tracking – monitoring solution for fixed or movable assets

Based on a medium size GPS monitoring device (148 x 84 x 43 mm), the solution is designed to monitor cargo, sanitation containers, trailers or semi-trailers, caravans, fuel tank or other fixed or transportable assets etc.

Tests were conducted under specific conditions: different transmission frequencies and a different number of coordinates.The results revealed the autonomy of the device battery up to 8 months if the monitored asset/object spends 95% of the time, standstill. (The period may vary depending on the settings). The device battery is rechargeable.

Among the most important benefits of using the Cargo Tracking is the technical design that enables its connection to various additional sensors: magnetic sensors, digital sensors, analog sensors, temperature sensors etc. Therefore, the solution can be customized very easy, depending on the field of activity or on the type of asset being monitored.

Advantages of using the Cargo Tracking solution:

  • Tracking goods that do not have a power source
  • Real-time location and tracking their route
  • Battery lasts up to 8 months

Temperature Sensor

Transport of fresh, semi-frozen, frozen or refrigerated goods (fish, meat and meat preparations, vegetables, fruits and other perishable food products, pharmaceutical or medical products, etc.) is made by respecting the strict regulations within EU. The goods may only be transported in special trailers fitted with cooling equipment which controls the temperature of the goods.

TrackGPS solution for transport of refrigerated goods consists in adding temperature sensors. They are installed in every trailer or semi-trailer in order to monitor the cooling equipment in real time and the temperature of each category of goods.

Using the information from the sensors and the generated reports, any malfunction can be noticed in time. Thus, measures can be taken in due time in order to avoid cooling interruption, so the goods do not defrost or alter during transportation. Goods under temperature control and frozen or refrigerated perishable goods will keep their temperature throughout the entire transportation.

Advantages of using the temperature sensor:

  • Goods delivery under optimum conditions
  • Cost reductions by avoiding wear of goods

Engine Locking Relay

Engine locking relay is an anti-theft device for vehicles, which allows remote locking of the engine via SMS. The relay completes the TrackGPS system, offering the possibility to undertake immediate actions over the vehicles in case of noticing any situation of unauthorized use, such as leaving a default perimeter or car theft.

In case of any unwished event (alarm activation or unauthorized displacement of the vehicle), the warning is made immediately and automatically via SMS, sent by the user to the dispatcher. If the situation is considered to be dangerous, before calling the police, action can be taken in order to lock the engine immediately, by sending an SMS message at the number saved on your mobile phone.

Different from a simple alarm, which warns only from short distances, TrackGPS designed with engine locking relay, provides permanent information about the location of the vehicles, wherever their owners might be. This anti-theft digital system provides control over vehicles at any moment, for you can immediately take action by locking the engine via SMS and offer the police exact coordinates in order to recover your car.

Advantages of using an engine locking relay:

  • Warning through SMS when the alarm of the vehicle in the parking lot is activated
  • Immediate engine locking via SMS at the allocated number
  • Cost reduction of CASCO, insurance premiums being lower for the vehicles equipped with GPS localization system

Panic (SOS) Button

The panic button is a device fitted inside the vehicle, within the driver’s reach, that allows him to automatically send an emergency message, as a text message or e-mail, to the fleet manager. Thus, in case of an undesired event (accident, failure etc.), the driver can automatically inform about the incident and the person in charge of the vehicle fleet or the intervention teams can arrive on the site of the event in the shortest possible time by knowing the exact location of the vehicle.

Advantages of using a panic (SOS) button:

  • Vehicle tracking and immediate intervention in the event of an accident or other undesired events
  • Instant alert, via text message or e-mail, of the vehicle fleet manager in case of danger

RFID Driver Identification Button

Driver identification button allows driver identification at the start of the engine by scanning the personal card, a RFID proximity card. This button is useful when the vehicle is used by multiple drivers or when a driver uses multiple vehicles from his company. Thus, fleet managers may have exact statistics of the vehicles used by every driver employed.

By consulting the reports and data received from driver identification button, you may know who uses the vehicle and when, as well as fuel consumption for each vehicle.

Data obtained may be compared for each driver, serving as an efficient tool for preventing fuel loss or theft, or preventing impairment rate of the vehicle, all of these bringing overall cost reductions.

Advantages of using a driver identification button:

  • Evidence of hours during which different drivers use the same vehicle
  • Evidence of fuel consumption for different vehicles used by the same driver
  • Fuel cost reduction