Monitoring efficiency means precise, structured and relevant information. The reports generated by TrackGPS are extremely useful when choosing a strategy for making agricultural activities more efficient. Therefore, you work efficiently by using a default time schedule that helps you reduce operational costs.

TrackGPS helps agricultural companies delimit their parcels and have exact evidence of the activities carried out on that parcels (exact location of the vehicles, route, activity duration and dwell-time, fuel consumption, etc.). The productivity of each driver may be analysed through reports.

For a precise measurement of fuel consumption there is the possibility to install fuel level sensors in the fuel-tank. Fuel level sensors monitor the level of fuel in the tank precisely, so that you may notice any subsequent fuel theft or leaks. Alternatively, you may use the fuel-tank cap which has an on/off sensor, showing how many times it was opened, where and for how long. You will also meet considerable reduction of fuel costs!

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Parcel delimitation for exact evidence of your activities
  • Detailed report of daily activity for each agricultural equipment
  • Exact measurement of fuel consumption for each agricultural equipment/activity
  • Efficient agricultural activities through rigorous control and planning
  • Reduced operational costs/li>
  • Road maps in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code