Banking and Insurance

Over 37000 vehicles monitored through TrackGPS recommend this solution for insurance companies. Insurance managers get an excellent tool for classifying the clients and their vehicles on different risk categories, thus reducing their costs by calculating annual insurance premiums in relation to driver’s conduct in traffic. Making discounts to those who did not have any traffic incident or raising taxes for those who did, insurance managers may keep and select trustful clients. Another important benefit of this monitoring solution is that it detects insured vehicles that have been stolen, helping insurance companies reduce costs and avoid considerable losses

Banking institutions choose TrackGPS for obvious real-time proofs concerning the status of their vehicles. Permanent localization, alert button and engine locking in case of theft enhance security for the transport of valuables. Due to real-time monitoring 24/7 and data storage, users may have exact evidence of drivers’ behavior and the condition of their vehicles based on generated reports. The alerts (real-time notifications regarding speeding, in/out of interest point or area) and alarms (alert situations or theft) secure the transport of valuables and provide control over vehicles in leasing.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Reduces insurance policies-associated risks
  • Vehicle history archives
  • Identifies driver-associated risk profiles
  • Security of the transport of valuables
  • Alert button for drivers
  • Unique driver identification
  • Vehicle localization/locking in case of theft