The management of a construction site is a stressful activity. You have to have complete control over your workers, equipments, timetables, raw materials supplies and getting rid of the wastes as well. All these activities generate costs that have to be permanently monitored in order to work efficiently.

TrackGPS solution helps construction site managers by monitoring the activity of their vehicles (working hours, timetables and drivers shift).

In the mean time, it provides the companies with a precise customized solution for fuel consumption measurement in order to prevent subsequent theft or fuel-tank problems, using the following specialised instruments: fuel level sensor and fuel-tank cap. E-mail or SMS alert when the vehicles exceed the preset perimeter (construction site).

The reports generated by TrackGPS are useful also for the financial-accountant departments and human resources, which may operate different cost estimations, predictions and analysis concerning the productivity of each employee, the condition of transport means, and also have an exact evidence of working hours.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Evidence of dwell-time and stops for each vehicle
  • Alerts on perimeter (construction site) in and outs
  • Elimination of illegal voyages
  • Fuel cost reduction
  • Possibility of sensor installation in order to indentify the drivers