Courier Services

Courier companies seek to deliver the packages as soon as possible, ensuring maximum safety of content throughout delivery. Monitoring fleet through GPS brings real benefits for courier companies. By using TrackGPS, managers may set the fastest routes of delivery and send the closest vehicle to pick up packages. Moreover, due to the shortening of response time, they make their activity more efficient, meeting cost reductions and the satisfaction of their clients as well.

Vehicle control through dispatcher (which sends navigation instructions, daily route, route status, replanning route, estimated delivery time, notifications), along with the complex reports provided by our monitoring application (road maps, routes, dwell-time, fuel consumption, speed, driver conduct, etc.) offer managers the possibility to organize deliveries efficiently and reduce costs. In addition, they may avoid theft by remotely locking the engine via SMS, ensuring safety of delivery.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Identification of the vehicle that is closest to the concerned event
  • Choose most economical routes
  • Alert button for drivers
  • Door, bonnet and ceiling sensors
  • Remotely locking the engine via SMS
  • Fleet expenses and fuel cost reduction