TrackGPS solution helps you optimize both the activity of sales agents and the routes for delivery safety.

By using TrackGPS monitoring solution, you keep your goods and vehicles safe, knowing their exact location. Road maps and dwell-time reports may serve as evidence of delivery, but as evaluation instruments of sales agents’ performance as well.

Reducing fleet costs: by reducing travelled kilometers for personal purposes, fuel consumption and operational costs is very important. The reports help the manager have a precise evidence of fuel consumption for every vehicle, thus allowing him to allocate that expense to the corresponding cost centre.

By implementing the customized solution with CAN reader you can measure fuel consumption for each vehicle precisely. The automatic complex reports show the actual fuel consumption for the entire fleet; compared to the standardized one, actual fuel consumption helps you make decisions to reduce fuel costs.

In order to facilitate agents’ work, TrackGPS monitoring application helps you create hot-spots and customized routes for each customer by selecting the hot-spots and the visiting order you prefer. Knowing they are monitored, drivers drive more preventively and pay more attention to company’s assets. Thus, fleet wear and vehicle damage rate decrease and hence reparation costs are implicitly reduced. Moreover, a more preventive driving may also lead to fuel economy.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Using TrackGPS helps reduction of operational costs, the routes for personal purposes
  • By monitoring fuel consumption precisely you will meet lower fuel costs
  • Agents are more responsible: being monitored, they drive more preventively
  • Automatic and optimized routes may be generated for distribution
  • Making your activity more efficient by generating automatic reports
  • Possibility of maintaining evidences of delivery as instruments for agents evaluation