Public Utilities

The activity of the enterprises operating in the public utilities sector is essential for the well-functionning of any locality in Romania. Whether we talk about street cleaning, collection of household refuse and snow removal or rescue units, firefighters, police or any other public service, the utility vehicles have to reach destination in due time, ensuring high standard services for the citizens.

By using TrackGPS monitoring solution, public utility enterprises have complete control over their vehicles: they can see at any moment where their vehicles are, on the basis of “on the ground” data they may estimate the duration of any activity and also if the schedule was respected. By knowing the exact position of their vehicles, in case of emergencies they can quickly redirect the vehicle that is closest to the concerned location in order solve the case more rapidly.

TrackGPS fleet monitoring system generates complex reports concerning the activity of the utility or intervention vehicles (rescue services, firefighters) and automatically sends them on the e-mail addresses of the company. Therefore, administrators have permanent access to key data, such as: road maps, timesheets, travelled routes, working hours and dwell-time, speeds, etc.

Fuel cost reduction is a major benefit you meet by using TrackGPS. Fitting the vehicles with specialized equipments for fuel consumption measurement (fuel level sensor or CAN reader), helps the administrators have exact situation of the entire fleet. Moreover, by monitoring driver conduct, they may reduce the wear of their vehicles caused by improper use. TrackGPS provides all necessary information regarding activity evidence, both for the contracting institutions and the citizens.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Fuel cost reduction
  • Technical wear reduction of the vehicles
  • Road maps generation for settling VAT and fleet expenses
  • Activity evidence for the citizens and contracting authorities
  • Improving customer and citizen satisfaction through grater transparency