Refrigerated Transport

TrackGPS solution is also adapted to chilled goods, which can be noticed in the reduction of fuel consumption due to travelled routes optimization, dwell-time reduction on route, permanent real-time monitoring of each vehicle implied in the distribution process from starting point to destination and reduction of the time allocated for delivery due to the use of temperature grid. Thus chilled goods reach destination under the best conditions.

You can check the status of your deliveries anytime you want by using TrackGPS fleet monitoring system and you will have an electronic evidence of the delivery and of the fact that your products were kept under the right temperature throughout the entire transportation, by using the road maps in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code concerning the settlement of fleet expenses.

Beside general monitoring reports, there has also been developed a temperature monitoring report to meet the requests of this domain. By installing a temperature sensor in the chiller compartment, fleet responsibles may generate a precise temperature grid during transportation.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Possibility of generating documents that certify transport quality and maintenance of optimal temperature
  • Evidence of the route, from starting point to destination
  • Checking the status of scheduled deliveries and electronical evidence of deliveries
  • SMS alert if the temperature does not respect certain parameters
  • Road maps in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code