Safety is the primary concern of vehicle rental companies: vehicle safety, passenger safety and not least the rental fee collection safety. TrackGPS allows you to generate road maps, evidence on dwell-time, driving hours and other complex reports that may be used as electronic proof in case of unpredicted events, such as: accidents, theft, vehicle damages, etc.

TrackGPS solves the most frequent problem that whole rent-a-car market in Romania deals with: car theft. The fleet monitoring system allows real-time localization of every vehicle and offers the possibility to set default alarms in case a vehicle leaves a certain area (e.g. Romanian border). Customers who rent cars are monitored through TrackGPS and if they are noticed with improper conduct that causes vehicle’s wear, they may be avoided in the future.

Rent-a-car companies keep an exact evidence of vehicles use rate and they can estimate drop-off hours by checking their location through TrackGPS. Thus, hand over and take over documentation is made on time and updated with pertinent data, so that customers’ requests are being honored more rapidly.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Recovering the car in case of theft or improper use
  • Alerts when the car leaves the border or perimeter
  • Witnessing the incidents caused by drivers (high speed, overdrive, etc.)
  • Obtaining discounts for vehicles insurance premium
  • Remotely locking the engine in case of emergency via SMS
  • Real-time fleet localization 24/7