The efficiency of a security company is measured by how quickly they manage to respond to interventions. TrackGPS fleet monitoring solution generates automatic reports concerning route, travelling time to the related location, dwell-time, speed, etc. Thanks to TraficOK, a TrackGPS -integrated feature and the first TMC system in Romania, you can check the status of the road and choose the fastest way in order to avoid traffic jams.

For the carriage of valuables, TrackGPS fleet monitoring application makes an alert button available for drivers, which they may activate in case of emergency, noticing the manager or the designated person by SMS. Vehicles fitted with TRK fleet monitoring equipment allow you to remotely lock the engine via SMS. So, if you are suspecting that a vehicle has been stolen or has leaved the perimeter and you do not manage to contact the driver, you may lock the vehicle’s engine and alert the police, knowing the exact location of your vehicle.

Short response time, professionalism and the quality of your equipments are the main ingredients that make the best recipe for being a leader in security. Whether we talk about the carriage of valuables, object security or other security services, the aim of these services is ensuring security and protection for the citizens and is now possible due to TrackGPS monitoring solution.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • Exact calculation of response time in case of intervention
  • Identification of the vehicle that is closest to the concerned event
  • Alerts on entering and leaving the perimeter
  • Alert button for drivers
  • Door, bonnet and ceiling sensors
  • Remotely locking the engine via SMS