Transport and Logistics

Transport of goods is a special domain, for which the TrackGPS monitoring solution suits excellently: permanent localization of the vehicles, monitoring fuel consumption, route optimization, documents management and support for avoiding fines.

TrackGPS provides generation of customized reports concerning route, travelled kilometers, dwell-time, driving and resting hours, fuel consumption, medium and maximum speeds, all of these helping the users make the best choices in order to carry out efficient activities and reduce the costs of the truck fleet by up to 25%.

Fuel consumption is a decisive factor in the field of transport, so reducing its cost comes as a major priority. With TrackGPS, our customers meet a reduction of fuel consumption by up to 20% due to prevention of fuel theft or leakage, due to the precise mearusements of fuel level sensor and the use of the fuel-tank cap. Following the information provided by Driving Behavior module or Routing module, driving more economically and optimizing transport routes also represent important factors in lowering the costs.

TrackGPS solution is preferred either by passenger transport companies, for it helps the user to control the timetable and travelled routes, increase of driver’s productivity, elimination of non-authorised use of vehicles, wear decrease and lower fuel costs. Passenger safety is ensured by monitoring each bus or coach, following up driver’s behavior and traffic support.

In addition, for international transport, TrackGPS provides automatic payment of road toll in Hungary. By using the eToll feature from TrackGPS you will save time, energy and money. All these customized elements recommend TrackGPS as the number 1 monitoring solution for top transporters in Romania.

The advantages and benefits of using TrackGPS:

  • You may have precise evidence of fuel consumption
  • Automatic alerts when you open the fuel-tank cap
  • Possibility of generating optimal routes for hot-spots
  • Permanent monitoring of travelled routes
  • Alerts upon the expiry of fleet and drivers-related documents
  • Automatic settlement of road toll in Hungary