Persons Tracking

Personal Tracker is a new personal tracking solution as developed by AROBS Transilvania Software. The product integrates TrackGPS leet tracking solution and it is installed for over 2,900 clients on 37,000 monitored vehicles.

Personal Tracker ATS

Your employees leave in the morning on the field and you don’t have solutions to check them? Do you what to see what they have worked and how?

Even if it is hard to monitor employees’ activity on the field, it’s not impossible! With this tracking application you may see at any time where they are, what route they chose and the spent time.

What type of employees do we monitor?

  • Postmen and flyers distributors – visualization of the route selected by these employees, places they reached and hours need to transit these routes
  • Persons responsible with street cleaning or green spaces improvement – lspotting in real time and generation of reports as needed for the refunding of these services
  • Door-to-door sales persons – visit report in the area / address / hotspot
  • Gas, electrical power and water meter readers, etc. – generation of detailed list with all visited places and time spent in each location
  • Security and protection – clear records with the hours and visited places within the agreed perimeter and alerts in case of perimeter exceeding
  • Policeman, gendarmes, foresters, servicemen etc.

Advantages of Personal Tracker ATS use

  • Control – controls employees’ activity anytime and anywhere. Access to data directly from the computer, tablet or smart phone connected to Internet
  • Proactive – identifies “challenging” employees before their actions or lack of action jeopardize relationship with you company’s clients or the results of some activity
  • Proving or synthesis documents concerning the activity of each employee – as used internally for work assessment or externally for clients
  • Accuracy of tracking on the map – 10 meters
  • Alerts when entering / exiting the areas by SMS or e-mail


How does it work?

  1. Tracking device battery charging
  2. You “install / place” the device to the person to be tracked
  3. You check person’s location in application
  4. You generate the needed reports


  • Geofence – creates a special spot (hotspot) on the map as a circle or polygon as to find out when the tracked persons enter or exit that spot
  • Alerts when entering / exiting the areas by SMS or e-mail
  • Keeping historical data on server during 12 months
  • SOS Button renders the position and offers the possibility of automatic transmission of danger message to a preset telephone number when touching the button

Details of hardware equipment

  • Size of the equipment – matchbox like (68 x 38 x 23 mm)
  • Weight – 50 g
  • Battery – variable autonomy depending on settings: 8 – 12 hours depending on the frequency of data rendering – 3 hours charging time


Available reports for Personal Tracker ATS

  • Circle or polygon POI
  • Table route
  • Graphic route
  • Address proximity
  • Visit the area / address / POI
  • Tracking