One of the major factors causing dysfunctional management is the lack of an overview of the activity of your fleet.

Basic TrackGPS solution has been designed to cover your fleet’s essential tracking needs, whatever the size and type of your vehicles or the industry you active it. 

Providing complex data, Basic TrackGPS represents a solid start in the process of increasing the productivity of your fleet, aiding you in cutting costs and further saving. You have now the possibility of real-time tracking your vehicles, using the web or mobile application.


Up to 25% less fuel consumption

Up to 20% lower fleet maintenance costs

Increase productivity with up to 40%

Up to 15% less traffic tickets or accidents

Improvement of driving style with up to 70%

100% return on investment

Choose the right solution for you and set up the price offer!

Basic TrackGPS solution has been designed for small, medium and large companies that wish to scale up their operations.