e-Toll solution allows you to efficiently pay the road tax in Hungary and Bulgaria.

The payment of the road toll on the territory of Hungary is made through the HU-GO platform (National Toll Payment Services Plc). All data related to road segments that a vehicle has been travelling along are being registered in real-time using TrackGPS monitoring systems and are being transmitted to HU-GO.

Therefore, HU-GO ticketing system calculates the cost and payment of the road tax is to be affected automatically from the user’s account that has been supplied in advance.

In the event of a GPS malfunction, e-Toll Led accessory warns the driver of the GPS operational problem and of the connection status. This way, the driver can avoid collecting fines due to systems, vehicle or connection malfunctions.

Road toll payment on the territory of Bulgaria is made through the Toll BG platform. The required data is recorded using the TrackGPS Basic Tracking solution and transmitted to the Toll BG system. The data is used to correctly calculate the toll, and the payment is made from the customer’s balance.

The purchase of a ticket and the waiting in line in a gas station are definitely a waste of precious time. Using e-Toll, you can easily pay an amount issued in real time for the kilometres travelled outside the border, thus saving precious time in an efficient manner.

Automatic road toll payment in Hungary through HU-GO platform

Automatic road toll payment in Bulgaria through Toll BG platform

Efficient route management

Reducing the number of fines

Compliance with planned routes

Time efficiency

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E-Toll solution can be implemented only on vehicles which are monitored through the Basic Tracking TrackGPS solution.