TrackGPS Business


TrackGPS Business is a complete fleet monitoring and management solution designed for the companies with a medium or large number of vehicles.



  • Allows permanent contact with the vehicles and real-time data transmission regarding their status;
  • Provides information about vehicles’ route by permanent access to their location on map, travelled kilometers, followed route, fuel consumption, etc.
  • Creates customized locations on map (hot-spots)
  • Storage of data regarding vehicles’ travelled routes
  • Possibility to obtain a large range of reports, such as: road maps, speed report, dwell-time, route deviation, fuel consumption report, speeding, schedule deviation, digital tachograph and vehicle history (tire change, oil change, reparations, etc.)
  • Setting customized reports that are automatically generated and sent on a default frequency
  • Access to fleet and drivers document management module, alerts and notifications in case of license expiry (ITP, RCA, CASCO, ITADR, leasing, vignette, revisions, professional certificates, medical and psychological examinations, etc.)