The TrackGPS Fleet Management App has moved to a new address

The TrackGPS Fleet Management App has moved to a new address


Digitizing fleet management helps improve overall performance and transform your business. The TrackGPS application is continuously improved to ensure data accuracy and help you better manage your fleet.  Everything for a safer, personalized use, facilitating quick and simple access to the information you need. We invite you to use the most modern Fleet Management application:

For the last 16 years, the fleet management solution has been improved considering customer feedback and the latest developments in the industry. TrackGPS platform may be accessed from anywhere, cloud infrastructure is available in 6 different languages: Romanian, English, Russian, French, Hungarian and Indonesian. We provide fleet managers with a powerful tool that offers useful, real-time information, fit to the particularities of every business. The end game? Reducing operational costs and streamlining operations.

Customized reports and analysis help you follow the information you need. The dashboard is personalized. Moreover, you get notifications for the alerts you set, depending on your particular needs.

Starting from January 16, 2023, the TrackGPS fleet management application will be accessible exclusively at the new address: Don’t worry if you don’t get used to the new name the first time you use it, we’ll redirect you to the right web address.

If you encounter problems when logging in, we are at your disposal.

We are enthusiastic that together, we develop the most modern Fleet Management community!






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