Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what is the best GPS fleet monitoring solution for my car?
AROBS provides specialized fleet monitoring solutions through GPS for every field of activity. The choice is made in relation to customer’s needs and type of activity. For more details please call: 0264 406 700 or send an e-mail to: and you will be advised by our AROBS sales agents.
How detailed is the map in the case of TrackGPS Business fleet monitoring solution?
TrackGPS solution provides the most detailed map of Romania, with over 1300 localities with street level details and over 78000 interest points: gas stations, hotels, restaurants, parking lots, banks, monuments, hospitals, etc. The map allows exportation of the coordinates of each location in Google Earth in order to visualize the location (building, street, parking lot, etc.)
Which of the GPS localization solutions and fleet monitoring solutions through GPS - GPRS would be the best for car localization in case of theft?
All TrackGPS solutions ensure car localization in case of theft. If you need a monitoring solution for your personal car, the best localization solution for you in case of theft is TrackGPS Prepay. If you need monitoring for multiple cars plus other additional options, you may choose from the other solutions provided by AROBS.
Where should the hardware device be installed in the car?
The fleet monitoring GPS device together with GPS and GSM antennas are installed in the board of the car that is to be monitored.
Can the GPS hardware device that is already installed be removed and installed on another car?
YES, but keep in mind: this has to be done by an authorized person or service. For actualization of the application data, you have to call the TrackGPS support department.
What is the warranty of fleet monitoring GPS hardware devices?
GPS hardware devices for fleet monitoring have a 24-month warranty from purchase.
Are you a company that operates in the field of crane rentals or other machinery and seek to know the equipments' exact working hours and employees’ timesheets?
By using the Timesheet Report within the Reports menu of TrackGPS Business fleet monitoring solution through GPS – GPRS, you will get information about working hours (the periods in which the engine was on, either moving or staying) within a period of time of your choice. The report will tell you the exact time at which the engine was started for the first time that day, the time at which it was stopped for the last time that day, the time passed between the two events and the period in which the engine was on.
Is your company having a fleet that comprises vehicles equipped with cold rooms and you want to know the exact temperature throughout transportation, from starting point to the beneficiary? You know these goods have to be transported under constant temperature or different temperature limits
You may use the Temperature Sensor report generated by TrackGPS Business solution, which displays the temperature chart within a period of time of your choice. The report can be saved as excel or pdf.
Are you part of a company that produces and distributes construction materials, thermo-insulating woodwork or double-glazed windows and you want your products to be delivered on time, having the routes optimized as well as possible?
You may use either Address Proximity or Hot-Spot Proximity within the Proximity module of TrackGPS Business application. The Address Proximity report offers you the possibility to identify the car that is closest to a related address and the Hot-Spot Proximity report helps you identify the car that is closest to a related customer (hot-spot).
Is your company providing short and medium-term vehicle rentals and you want to keep the vehicles safe in case of theft? Do you want to be alerted when the car leaves a default perimeter or when it leaves the country?
By using TrackGPS Business you will get a notification via SMS immediately when one of your vehicles leaves the Romanian territory or a default perimeter.
Is route optimization and exact knowledge of the visits your agents pay to different customers extremely important for your company, which produces meat and meat preparations?
TrackGPS Business solution generates a special report, called Top Hot Spot, which shows the top interest points where your car stopped for more than 5 minutes.
Are you responsible for the fleet of a company that operates freight and passenger transport both nationally and internationally, and you want to know every time where your vehicles are and the fuel consumption for each vehicle?
By installing the TrackGPS Business solution from AROBS, you will have both exact real-time localization of your vehicles and a series of reports regarding actual fuel consumption, fuel supply and theft. The Fuel-tank Level report displays the chart regarding fuel level, the Supply report displays events such as supply/theft and the quantity of fuel supplied/extracted from the tank, and the Engine parameters report displays the chart regarding engine temperature within a period of time of your choice.
Can the driver see the monitoring device and notice that his car is being monitored through GPS?
The GPS fleet monitoring device may be installed either in sight or hidden within the board of the vehicle so that it cannot be seen by the driver.
For how long the fleet monitoring data is stored on the server?
It depends on the solution used: 3 months for TrackGPS Basic, 6 months for Business and 1 year for Business Plus.
Are the maps used by the GPS fleet monitoring system showing street level details?
The map used by our fleet monitoring systems shows street level details.
What happens when there is no GSM signal?
When there is no GSM signal, all data is saved until the signal is back and the application will continue to show you the related route.
Do the reports generated by the fleet monitoring application show the actual fuel consumption?
All devices that are connected to the on-board computer show the actual fuel consumption. Among these devices, the most effective is the liter-metric probe.
Can you identify fuel theft?
YES. All you need to do is install TrackGPS Business Plus designed with FMS-Can Bus device, which connects and collects all information directly from the computer on board.
Can you also monitor the vehicles that are not inside the country?
YES, there is the possibility to obtain reports about the vehicles that are outside the country, only that roaming tariffs are different. In addition, you can set automatic alarms that tell you when a vehicle leaves the country’s territory illegally.
May the TrackGPS fleet monitoring solution be rented?
YES, it may be rented as well, but you will have to pay for each monitoring equipment, beside your monthly subscription.