Find out what are the fleet management trends for 2024

What should we expect for in fleet management in 2024?

Fleet management is becoming an increasingly challenging task each year, and 2024 will be defined by a transformative process for fleet managers. Now more than ...
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By the end of 2024, analog and digital tachographs installed before 2019 will be completely replaced

New tachographs, advanced reading solutions

The undeniable improvements brought by the second generation of intelligent tachographs mainly involve the automatic recording of border crossing points, the more accurate retrieval and ...
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Interpret DTC codes

CAN Reading Solution – get connected to your car’s on-board computer

The biggest challenge you face as a fleet manager is maintaining the balance between driver safety and fleet operating costs, so it is essential to ...
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2FA authentication in the TrackGPS app

2-factor authentication, available in the TrackGPS app

The TrackGPS fleet management solution combines the accuracy of GPS tracking devices, Bluetooth sensors and CAN data from vehicles with video telematics data, all to ...
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Find the right fleet management solution

Fleet management solutions, which should you choose?

There can be many reasons why you choose to use a fleet management solution, from the desire to have an overview of the activity of ...
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Find out what are the fleet management trends for 2023!

2023 trends in fleet management

2022 proved to be a year full of challenges, including the field of fleet management. Even if 2023 does not seem to be any more ...
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Why upgrade Google map?

By upgrading Google Map, you can have a faster experience with a more detailed,precise map with a landscape, satellite, 3D view or Street View. A ...
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How do you prepare your machine fleet for winter operations?

Cold weather inevitably comes with snow. The companies that offer snow clearing services must stand ready for any situation, whether it is the full exploitation ...
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