About TrackGPS

TrackGPS – monitoring and management solution for vehicle fleet through GPS, is a product developed by AROBS Transilvania Software SA from Cluj-Napoca, one of the leading companies on the Romanian IT&C market. Over 4.000 customers from Romania with more than 50.000 vehicles now use this application.

TrackGPS is designed for small, medium and big enterprises that want to improve their activity by reducing the costs of their fleet. The application collects real-time data from the vehicles on the ground through GPS and generates reports, in the form of a chart or a table, which allow data analysis and comparison in accordance with certain parameters, such as: period, vehicle, division, route, etc.

The main benefits of using the TrackGPS solution are:

  • Reducing operational costs of the fleet by 15-25%
  • Reducing expenses of overtime work by keeping an efficient timesheet of actually worked hours
  • Extending vehicles’ lifespan and reducing the wear of fleet through efficient management;
  • Improving driving profile by reducing cases of excessive speed
  • Reducing fuel costs by detecting and preventing fuel theft

TrackGPS fleet monitoring package includes:

  • Professional fleet monitoring equipment and specialized equipments (on demand): fuel level sensor, fuel-tank cap, engine stopping relay, temperature sensor, etc.
  • Monthly subscription for GPS monitoring feature, map and GPRS traffic in Romania and Europe
  • Installation of monitoring equipments and application use training
  • Permanent service, diagnostic and technical support
  • Special modules (driving behavior, fuel consumption, routing, automatic road toll payment in Hungary, etc.)
  • Different customizations developed on demand

TrackGPS solution provides:

  • Localization of vehicles position through GPS using the vector map of Romania, which shows details such as street number and post code (1300 localities and over 78000 interest points – hotels, restaurants, gas stations, parking lots, etc) or the complete map of Europe with street level details (45 countries)
  • Creating customized locations on map (hot spots) that help the user to quickly identify visited locations
  • Unlimited data storage of travelled routes
  • Possibility of getting a large range of reports such as: road maps, speed reports, dwell-time, route deviations, fuel consumption reports, speeding, schedule, deviation and car history (information on tire change, oil change, reparations, etc.)
  • Designing reports that may be automatically sent to certain users with a pre-established frequency
  • Accessing the fleet and drivers documents management module, alerts and notifications in case of license expiry (ITP, RCA, CASCO, ITADR, leasing, vignette, revisions, professional certificates, psychological and medical examinations, etc.)
  • Development of customized reports by our own team of programmers in order to answer our customers needs
  • Friendly platform and specialized trainings for application usage
  • Equipment and free demo account for live testing the feature before purchase
  • TraficOK integrated in TrackGPS – the first TMC service in Romania that provides real data from traffic and helps drivers avoid traffic jams
  • Application available in Romanian, English, Hungarian and Russian