Tacho Analytics

Complete digital solution for advanced analysis of tachograph data

Tacho Analytics is an advanced tool that provides an overview of driver activity and vehicle performance.

A fully digital solution, with three key components: downloading and real-time advanced analysis of .DDD files.

This solution adds a new dimension of transparency and operational efficiency, allowing improved resource management.

Advanced analysis


In-depth analysis of tachograph data

Fully digitized process

Safe data storage

The Tacho Analytics platform retrieves the .DDD files previously downloaded in the Tacho Reader platform, decodes them, and organizes information into easily interpretable charts, for optimizing fleet management.

It provides detailed information related to driver activities, including driving and rest periods. These precise data enable efficient management of drivers’ working time, ensuring compliance with legal regulations, and simultaneously improving operational efficiency.    

Downloading .DDD files

Tacho Reader

Ensuring compliance with regulations

Maximizing productivity

Successfully reducing fines

The remote downloading of .DDD data can be set to recur automatically, in order to optimize transport activity and avoid fines.

Through the driver card, the TrackGPS platform accurately identifies drivers and retrieves their current activity. Thus, you will be informed about who is driving the vehicle, the status of driving/break/rest times, and the route to be followed.

Tacho mobile dashboard


Driver activity real-time alerts

Advanced management

Flexibility in decision making

Our solution records the tachograph data and transmits it in real time through the web and mobile applications, thus ensuring unlimited accessibility.

The data analysed by our platform are retrieved directly from the tachograph and are well organized by rest/break periods, allowing quick and easy interpretation. It will become much easier to plan routes based on available resources and you will be able to alert employees when necessary.

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