3 steps for HoReCa managers to streamline operations

3 steps for HoReCa managers to streamline operations

Efficiency in HoReCa


HoReCa was one of the industries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania and the current inflation did nothing but to further erode the profitability of this economic sector. The prices of products and services have risen, which put a great pressure on operational budgets. In this context, keeping fleet costs under control is essential for any fleet manager. HoReCa adapted modern management and monitoring solutions contribute to streamlining of transportation and logistic operations. This also brings visible benefits: an overview of the vehicle activities and facilitating real-time decisions. All for minimizing costs and maintaining a high service level. Here are 3 simple steps through which you can keep things under control:

Step 1: HoReCa digitized fleet management

All the activities that involve fleet management, from fuel consumption to driving behaviour, can contribute to the increase or decrease of costs. A modern, digitised fleet management and monitoring solution assures real-time access to the information you need to cut on unjustified costs. These may come from route-deviation, non-compliance with delivery or activity times, engine idling. Keeping an eye on these indicators is crucial. Read the whole article here.



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