TrackGPS will enable the push notifications in the mobile app

TrackGPS will enable the push notifications in the mobile app

Starting with the 13th of December 2021 you receive free notifications on your phone for every event set in the TrackGPS WEB app.

No matter if you are at the office or traveling, the TrackGPS app announces you what is the status of your vehicles.

More than this, you can allow what type of notifications you want to receive or you have the option to disable them.

It is very easy to set a push notification! Access the TrackGPS web app and from the left menu choose MANAGEMENT > ALERTS AND NOTIFICATIONS > NOTIFICATIONS and press ADD button. Then you can choose to add the following:

  • Input / Output hotspot
  • Input / Output city
  • Input / Output county
  • Input / Output country
  • Uprise / plummeted fuel level
  • Uprise / plummeted temperature
  • Speed exceedance
  • Speed exceedance on a road section
  • Sensor activation
  • Extended parking
  • Seat belt deactivation
  • Device not operating alert
  • GPS signal lost
  • GPS signal lost
  • GSM signal restored
  • GPS signal restored
  • GSM signal scrambled
Once set the notification, you will receive it as a push notification on your phone.

If you want to disable the push notifications, all you have to do is access the TrackGPS web app and access the section MY ACCOUNT  > PLATFORM PREFERENCES, then swipe left the slider for “Send notification”.



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