About Us – Values

TrackGPS is a complete fleet management solution using Romanian-developed software and continuously improved over more than 18 years of experience. It is part of AROBS Transilvania Software’s own products.

Discover a new fleet management experience

The TrackGPS app offers a new fleet management experience: excellent connectivity, data traceability, real-time access to information via mobile app, graphical reports, and dashboards. Everything for you to make the best decisions, maintain operational efficiency and reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Successfully implemented for companies operating in numerous industries

Construction, FMCG, shipping and delivery, public services, HORECA, refrigerated transport, security, logistics, IT, telecommunications, banking, agriculture.


TrackGPS is a management solution built by the people, for people. We maintain a constant relationship with our customers and always seek to provide the right support for each situation.


We are aware that our app is involved in the daily activity of our customers. That is why we constantly ensure to provide the highest level of quality from a technical point of view, but also from the customer care point of view.


We promote a climate of continuous development; we encourage creativity and innovation in our field.

Customers inspire us

TrackGPS started from the desire to make the activity of fleet managers more efficient, that’s why we constantly refer to their needs in order to improve our activity.

Productivity and efficiency

We know how valuable time is to each of us. That is why, along with quality, we offer our customers productivity and efficiency, to streamline their activity.


  1. TrackGPS Launch

  2. SASFleet acquisition

  3. CFTS acquisition

We are proud that you have chosen to trust the quality of our services.

We guarantee full security of your data, and as proof, we provide all certifications obtained over the years: