AROBS has developed the integration of ContiPressureCheck™ into the TrackGPS application

One of main fleet management aims is to reduce operational costs for end customers. Teltonika provides several solutions for that. Where one of the latest additions is ContiPressureCheck™.  

ContiPressureCheck ™ is the most advanced system for monitoring the status of tires, especially those intended for large construction equipment. The system is based on a Teltonika prototype, developed, tested and integrated by TrackGPS by AROBS.

The information is stored in the database and in the web application TrackGPS, and then transmitted via API to the ContiConnect system.


Wireless pressure sensors are mounted inside tires ensuring accurate information that is sent to the Central Control unit (CCU). FMB640 connects to this unit via CAN line and can read data about total number of tires connected, total number of axles, graphical position and what is most important information regarding every tire pressure, temperature and alarm.  


  • Easy – ContiPressureCheck is quick and easy to install, compatible with all tire brands. 
  • Economical – significant fuel savings, increased mileage and maintain the value of the tire casing. 
  • Reliable and safe – prevents tire-related breakdowns. 
  • Eco-friendly – protects the environment with low CO2 emissions. 

Do you want to get real-time data about tyre status and also a reduction in operational costs?

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