CAN Reading Solution – get connected to your car’s on-board computer

CAN Reading Solution – get connected to your car’s on-board computer

Interpret DTC codes

The biggest challenge you face as a fleet manager is maintaining the balance between driver safety and fleet operating costs, so it is essential to always know the operational status of your vehicles.

The On-Board Computer (CAN) Data Reading Solution provides information directly from the CAN platform, connected to the vehicle’s on-board computer. It is implemented with the help of equipment that collects data on mileage, level and total fuel consumption from the injectors, vehicle speed or engine temperature.

One of the newly improved functionalities of this solution is the reading and interpretation of DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Codes (represented on the board in the form of the CHECK ENGINE light and provided based on the OBD data read in real time) through which we keep you informed about the operation of vehicles in the fleet. Thus, navigating the TrackGPS fleet management application, you will be able to see the vehicles that have the CHECK ENGINE error, as well as details about it. The error code is displayed, consisting of a letter and 4 digits, indicating the faulty engine component and the type of error. In addition, the probable causes of the error and its effects on engine operation are included.

The functionality of reading and interpreting DTC codes becomes operational by installing the CAN Reading solution using a device that is connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket. This functionality is only available for cars, vans, or minibuses, excluding machinery or trucks.

With the help of this functionality, you can quickly identify the problems of the vehicles in the fleet, and you can easily save the most important resources: time and money. Finally, high repair costs, potential business delays or fleet and driver safety incidents are avoided, as information is displayed in real time and gives you the opportunity to make the most effective decisions, even if the error may be initially omitted by the driver.

TrackGPS is a modern fleet management solution that offers a proactive and preventive approach to vehicle management. Through advanced technology and data analysis capabilities, our application helps reduce costs and repair time, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business.



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