FleetCam, complete overview of your fleet

FleetCam, complete overview of your fleet


The FleetCam solution provides you with valuable information that will help you carry out your work safely and more efficiently.

By correlating video recordings with telematics data and storing them in Cloud, the solution enables quick access to detailed information on any incidents. You also have the possibility to see a series of preset events, in real time.

Videotelematics is a branch of the fleet management solution, through which you benefit from mapping of telematics data with video information. The system consists of a video camera, digital video recorder (DVR) and GPS systems. Video data is transmitted to the web application, so the fleet manager can monitor all vehicles in a variety of ways: by watching live, through notifications, when an event occurs or by accessing the media gallery to organize, view or download stored recordings.

Why would you need video data in your fleet management?

The most common causes that generate problems for the vehicle and implicitly for the fleet manager are accidents or dangerous maneuvers.

The FleetCam solution comes to your aid in order to avoid them. You have a modern platform that provides essential information to avoid adverse events.

FleetCam provides concrete information and real data related to various events: accident (by pressing the panic button), sudden acceleration or braking or other potentially dangerous maneuvers (e.g., driving in reverse, driving at night, in a poorly lit area)

The advantages of the FleetCam solution are:

  • Quick access to video recordings of incidents
  • Safety and security for the entire fleet
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Improving driver behavior

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