Fleet management solutions, which should you choose?

Fleet management solutions, which should you choose?

Find the right fleet management solution

There can be many reasons why you choose to use a fleet management solution, from the desire to have an overview of the activity of vehicles in the company, to establishing an effective way of working with drivers. The next step is to determine which fleet management solution is best for your specific needs.

A key factor in decision-making is the return on investment and the economic advantages you can get. With a modern fleet management solution, you can achieve an average decrease in monthly expenses, from 14% to 25%. These can be substantial in absolute value as the number of vehicles in the fleet increases.

Next, we provide you with some other aspects that you must consider when choosing a fleet management solution.

What can it offer you?

Do you need easy management of tachograph data, information on fuel consumption, various alerts on the activity of drivers or the operating status of vehicles? It is important that you first identify what your needs are, to see if the solution you want to choose can provide you with all the information you need. It should also be customizable so you can only enable the features you use.

Information accessible anywhere, anytime

This is another important aspect to consider. In this context, applications developed for both web and mobile offer the widest accessibility, data always being a click away. Also, the information provided is useful only to the extent that it is relevant, so updating it in real time becomes a more than necessary aspect.

State-of-the-art technology

A modern software solution must be supported by the highest quality hardware equipment. TrackGPS solutions are implemented with the help of the best equipment in Europe: Teltonika and Queclink, leaders in terms of connectivity, reliability, and service, so we provide a secure foundation for our software.

A partnership based on trust

Finally, the collaboration between you and the company providing your fleet management solution must also be considered. In addition to quality service, consulting and technical support can make the difference. Encountering some difficulties is inevitable, but dealing with themeffectively can be a great advantage, especially when time becomes a precious resource.



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