New tachographs, advanced reading solutions

New tachographs, advanced reading solutions

By the end of 2024, analog and digital tachographs installed before 2019 will be completely replaced

The undeniable improvements brought by the second generation of intelligent tachographs mainly involve the automatic recording of border crossing points, the more accurate retrieval and storage of a larger volume of information over a longer period of time for the efficient monitoring of cabotage and detachment norms of drivers. Another significant advantage of the second-generation intelligent tachographs is the possibility of remote vehicle checks through the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) system, so only vehicles with irregularities will be stopped for inspections. However, there are concerns about their availability, as technical and approval reasons have delayed the production of intelligent tachographs, and they may not meet the market demand in the context of the European Commission’s Mobility Package 1 provisions.

What does the European Commission’s Mobility Package 1 stipulate regarding the installation of tachographs?

Since last year, specifically starting from August 21, 2023, Smart Tacho 2 has been mandatory for newly registered commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons. However, due to the lack of availability of these devices, some European countries have granted a derogation allowing the installation of the previous generation until the end of the year, with the obligation of subsequent updates.

The second stage stipulates that by December 31, 2024, all trucks equipped with analog or non-intelligent digital devices operating in international road freight transport must adopt the second-generation intelligent digital tachograph. Also, starting from December 31, 2024, the provision regarding on-board record retention for 56 days applies.

The third stage will start on August 19, 2025, when the second-generation intelligent tachograph will become mandatory for vehicles equipped with a first-generation intelligent tachograph that are performing international transport.

The final stage begins on July 1, 2026, when vehicles with a  maximum authorized total mass between 2.5 and 3.5 tons, engaged in international road transport or cabotage operations, will be required to be equipped with Smart Tacho 2.

New tachographs, advanced reading solutions

Although the legislative changes imposed by Mobility Package 1, especially those regarding the retro-fitting of intelligent tachographs, still generate controversy, let us not forget that this Mobility Package 1 represents the European Commission’s initiative to modernize European road transport by ensuring better working conditions for drivers, encouraging fair competition among transport providers, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions from road transport.

In the same direction, TrackGPS’s vision is to become the leading provider of innovative fleet management solutions, contributing to increased productivity, safety, compliance, promoting sustainable mobility, and a safer environment. In this regard, we have developed the Tacho Reader solution, version 2, after implementing a series of optimizations and improvements last year.

What are the main improvements brought by the Tacho Reader solution?

Modern interface for reading and interpreting data from the tachograph in the web and mobile application

The Tacho Reader solution records and interprets tachograph data in real-time through the TrackGPS platform. It processes information about daily activity, driving time, break, or rest for each driver more accurately. The data analyzed by our platform are directly retrieved from the tachograph and organized into periods for precise and easy interpretation. It displays driving times, types, and durations of breaks, the total driving hours in the current week, the previous week, as well as the total for the past 2 weeks. Daily or weekly activity reports can be generated, as well as reports on speeding violations.

With the help of the Tacho Mobile feature, tachograph data can be viewed directly from the mobile phone. Information related to the fleet drivers’ activity and rest periods is transmitted in real-time, and detailed reports in electronic format are generated.

Remote download of .ddd files

Through the TrackGPS Tacho Reader platform, .ddd files requested by the control authority can be downloaded remotely at no additional cost. The platform administrator can set the download schedule recurrence for each vehicle in the fleet and each driver individually. This results in significant cost savings, avoiding deviations from the route, with positive implications for delivery times and service levels.

Driver identification solution

Through the driver card used in the tachograph, the TrackGPS platform accurately identifies drivers and transmits their activity in real-time. In the Tacho Reader dashboard of the TrackGPS application, information about the driven vehicle, the status of driving/break/rest times, the current route, and the real-time position can be viewed.

If legislative changes cannot wait, it is ideal to be prepared to meet them with the best solution for reading and interpreting tachograph data. With the Tacho Reader solution developed by TrackGPS, maintaining a high standard of compliance becomes easier than ever!



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