What should we expect for in fleet management in 2024?

What should we expect for in fleet management in 2024?

Find out what are the fleet management trends for 2024

Fleet management is becoming an increasingly challenging task each year, and 2024 will be defined by a transformative process for fleet managers. Now more than ever, adapting to new trends is crucial.

As the pace of technological advancements accelerates, customer expectations rise, swift and flexible service delivery becomes a priority.

Below, we have summarized the most significant trends in fleet management for this year. At the core of all these trends are decisions based on real-time data and solid information. Efficient and intelligent processes, backed by advanced fleet management software solutions, are the keys to success. Over the last 2 years, we have improved the TrackGPS application to be ready to meet precisely these needs.

Proactive and predictive maintenance

These are two actions that need to be consistently carried out according to a well-established schedule. Adhering to them ensures the good condition and operation of the fleet.

But what exactly does proactive maintenance entail?

With the support of the right fleet management solution, you can implement proactive maintenance. This involves planning and taking measures to minimize the risk of various breakdowns and incidents.

On the other hand, predictive maintenance requires continuous monitoring of the vehicle’s operating condition. When the performance of certain indicators starts to decline, it’s the right time to schedule service actions based on their condition.

By analyzing key indicators in real-time, such as optimal engine performance, tire condition, and other parameters, you can schedule maintenance tasks precisely when needed.

The TrackGPS fleet management application is a helpful tool in achieving these objectives! It provides key information in real-time and allows you to set notifications and alerts in line with your own service plan. Additionally, it offers the ability to decode dashboard errors. Conducting proactive and predictive maintenance activities helps avoid unexpected vehicle failures that can disrupt operations with associated costs.

Develop a sustainable fleet in 2024!

The integration of electric and hybrid vehicles into fleets is not a novelty for 2024. However, it is an aspect that should not be overlooked. Additionally, biodiesel fueling can be a step towards a green, sustainable fleet.

The gradual implementation of the European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is set to begin this year. This directive will require companies to disclose social and environmental risks and opportunities that may arise and the impact of their business on the community and the environment. This directive significantly changes the way corporate sustainability scores are reported by requiring adherence to predefined disclosure formats. Through it, shareholders, customers, and activists will be able to track how companies are reducing their carbon footprint year by year.

In this context, more companies will demand transport services that use sustainable practices. Ultimately, their integration becomes indispensable in corporate social responsibility strategies. As we mentioned in the introduction, adaptation is the key!

The benefits of transitioning to a sustainable fleet include not only fulfilling environmental commitments and a positive image but also savings in operational costs.

TrackGPS supports you with a dedicated module for electric vehicles. Through it, you can easily and quickly access essential information about the engine’s condition, battery level, and mileage index. Moreover, if you have a mixed electric fleet, we have the dedicated solution: E-mobility!

Another recommendation is to recruit technicians with expertise in advance. Their duty is to stay informed about industry changes and best practices. This way, you will significantly reduce downtime caused by breakdowns and increase efficiency.

Fuel consumption efficiency – a continuous effort

Maximizing resources becomes increasingly important, and fuel consumption efficiency and savings are no exception. It is well-known that there are two fuel consumption analysis solutions: through the vehicle’s CAN interface (for cars and other light vehicles) and through fuel level sensors (for trucks and heavy equipment). The fuel management solutions developed by TrackGPS adapt to the specific needs of the fleet and keep you informed about both the volume and value of refueling, as well as the vehicle fuel consumption.

We should also keep in mind that an important factor with direct influence on fuel consumption is the driving behavior. The Driver Behavior solution provides with an overview of the driving style. It measures parameters such as travel speed and the number of sudden accelerations and decelerations, which can directly impact consumption.

Professional drivers – an indispensable resource in 2024

In the context of the professional driver shortage, special attention must be given primarily to the existing resource: the drivers who are already part of your team. With the right fleet management solution, an efficient driver management model can be implemented by setting up routes, managing driving and rest times efficiently, and effectively managing tachographs. Another important aspect is ensuring continuous and effective driver communication and providing real-time support.

Once the development directions for this year are set, the TrackGPS team aims to be a reliable partner. To achieve goals related to predictive and proactive maintenance, sustainability, and fuel consumption efficiency, an advanced fleet management solution is absolutely a must-have. Together, we are shaping a new era of mobility!



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