2-factor authentication, available in the TrackGPS app

2-factor authentication, available in the TrackGPS app

2FA authentication in the TrackGPS app

The TrackGPS fleet management solution combines the accuracy of GPS tracking devices, Bluetooth sensors and CAN data from vehicles with video telematics data, all to protect departments, drivers, vehicles, and fleet investments.

Also, to protect user data, the TrackGPS application now provides the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) functionality.

Two Factor Authentication is an additional security method where the user must go through two authentication steps to access the TrackGPS fleet management application.

Using 2FA for TrackGPS is critical to protecting your company’s data and preventing security issues. Before they can access their account, users must enter a unique security code, which is generated via Google Authenticator that must be downloaded to their mobile phone.

Protecting our customers’ personal data is particularly important and we do everything we can to provide a safe and easy browsing experience on our platform. We encourage users to enable two-factor authentication and consider other additional security measures, such as using a strong password and updating it frequently. Together, we can reduce the risk of online fraud and protect information.



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